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Full Analog Mastering Production

Analog mastering for:

  • CD

  • Vinyl

  • Online Distribution

  • Cassette Tapes


All recorded and mixed?

Take your mixes to the next level!

Analog Mastering

Get your music ready for CD/Record printing

Tracklists and metadata for CD/Record manufacturers

DDP image creation

Mastering is the final and arguably the most crucial process in music production.   This process raises the quality and sound of the recording to an industry standard for compatibility with all speaker systems and listeners.

Mastering requires a professional ear, an acoustic treated room, and high quality analog equipment.  Quality Control is exericised at Catadawn on every project.  We master in our custom treated room on unique, high end analog equipement, with our innovative process in order to meet the standards of our clients, industry, and ourselves.

Come by the studio to hear the difference for yourself!

Analog Mastering is the only serious choice

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